Tips for Taking Care of Your Seiko Watch

If you want a wrist that is functional, prestigious, and durable, you should consider buying the Seiko brand. From a reliable supplier of Seiko watches Australia has to offer, you can pick your best match in terms of price and design.

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What next after buying?

Buying a watch and maintaining it to serve you for a long time are two different things. Any piece of a watch requires proper servicing at least occasionally. This will ensure that the watch functions properly at all times. The frequency of watch servicing depends on the climate of the area and the level of care given. However, experts recommend that you take a Seiko watch for professional servicing once after every three years. When you approach a supplier for Seiko watches Australia has to offer, you should also find out whether there is an authorized service center in your area.

Benefits of professional servicing

Be reminded that your watch works even when you are asleep. Armed with this fact, rotary parts can become weak. The oil inside the moving parts could also get depleted or become aged. These can cause poor performance or the watch may stop functioning completely.

By taking the watch to an authorized service center, the specialist will find the opportunity to examine the moving parts and the overall condition of the watch. Worn-out parts could be replaced and any disassembled part cleaned and oiled. It is also an opportunity to check the water resistance power of the watch.

What special care to give?

Reliable dealers of Seiko watches in Australia could advise you further on what maintenance practices to offer on your watch. If you would like to know more about dealers of Seiko watches Australia has to offer, try visiting

The following are some of the areas that you need to focus on when it comes to watch care and maintenance.

Shocks: Do not expose your watch to sudden shocks such as dropping, tapping, or hitting. This can alter the precision of your watch immediately.

Water resistance: Water can affect a watch even if it is a water-resistant model. Remember not to pull out the crown when you put the watch in water. Don’t pull out the crown when the watch is still wet as this could lead to moisture penetration inside the watch.

All Australia Seiko watches are water resistant. However, this does not mean that you put your watch under running water from a faucet. The pressure from the water could easily lead to moisture buildup inside the watch, paralyzing its function. To preserve the water resistance quality of your watch, keep it away from moisture. When you go swimming in your water resistant watch, remember to wipe all water and moisture from it using a dry cloth after you come out of the water. Do not pull out the crown.

More importantly, keep your watch from chemicals or extreme temperatures. Refrain from using solvents on your watch as these can simply damage the moving parts. When you buy Seiko watches Australia dealers have to offer, keep these tips in mind and your watch could serve you quite long.