Dog-Grooming Tips For Pet Owners

A dog, as you probably know if you have one, is man’s most loyal and best friend. From watching over you to keep you safe to providing some nice company, having a dog as your pet surely brightens up the home! No doubt, just like other family members, your dog requires to be well-groomed and showered with love every so often. With the right dog wash Caboolture services, you will enhance the health of your pet and in the process, enrich the relationship between you!

Much as a dog wash in Caboolture is definitely the most crucial and common grooming option for the owners of these pets, there are a lot more things you can do to help keep your pet clean and comfortable.

Dog Grooming Tips Every Owner Should Know

  1. Trimming of your dog’s nails should be a frequent affair

Nail trimming is not only a reserve of the human species; dogs need it too! To avoid overwhelming your pet, you could consider having its nails trimmed a few days after a Caboolture dog wash regimen.

Leaving its long nails on can come with difficulty in movement (for the pet) as well as noise for your ears every time its paws meet the hardwood floor! Nevertheless, when trimming, be careful not to cut too close to its skin. If this is the case, the dog might feel sore afterwards.

  1. A dog wash Caboolture offers should not be carried out too frequently

You do not want to deplete the healthy oils on your dog’s skin with frequent shampooing and water. Nevertheless, the need for a dog wash should be based on the type of its coat as well as exposure to dirt.

It is said that your instincts as a dog owner is the best way to determine the ideal frequency of giving your beloved pet a wash.

  1. Occasional shaving for the dog with long or silky fur

A dog that has naturally thick, silky or long fur ought to be clipped once in a while. This is because the coat has an increased predisposition to matting as well as tangling. Fleas and other pests also find the long, untidy fur to be a conducive place for habitation. Hairy Tails

Before you proceed to clip the hair, be sure to have the fur brushed out!

  1. Do not forget to clean the ears or eyes of your dogs

Even when not carrying out a dog wash Caboolture providers may offer, a gentle swipe of the ears and eyes is advisable once in a while. A soft cloth or cotton ball (not cotton bud) dipped in warm water is ideal for cleaning areas around the eyes. A drop of olive oil on the cloth for the ears would be perfect.

When you go out to buy dog wash Caboolture supplies, you will get recommendations for the right items to use for special clean-ups.

Aside from the frequent dog wash Caboolture services now offer, there is a lot more to carry out in grooming your pet. Hairy Tails Dog Grooming Boutique offers you convenient dog grooming services for your pet. Go to for more information about their range of services and products.